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Rejected Story Ideas

When you claim to be a writer, amongst the many questions you get – normally right after “Do you write all day long?!” – is “Where do you get your ideas from?” I’ve discussed this before, but sometimes a person will then follow this up with, “Do you have any ideas that didn’t work?” Curse […]

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5 Favourite Movie Adaptations of Books / Stories

In general, in my opinion, books are better than movies. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main one is that what I see in my mind’s eye is generally better than what I am presented with on the screen. I guess that the vision of the film-maker is what we’re given, and that […]

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Oh, Editor, my Editor

I’ve recently been through an editing process with a new editor who I haven’t worked with before. Through a series of e-mail ‘conversations’ and communications, we turned my story into something that actually deserves to be in the anthology she is putting together. So let’s look at how we get to the point of actually […]

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Write What You Know?

Like many aspiring authors, when I was young and learning I was told to only “write what you know.” The reasoning was, I guess, don’t step outside your comfort zone because your audience will know if you make it up. And like many young authors, this I did, to the point where a lot of early […]

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On the tools of a writer…

I recently finished reading an anthology that one of my stories appears in. Now, I’m not going to name it here, nor am I going to review it, because (a) I don’t want to embarrass anyone involved in it, and (b) I still think it’s good enough for people to buy, but maybe at a […]

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Novel #13

Two years passed. In this time I went back to university and managed to get a second degree, but it was a compacted degree, meaning we did three years of work in eighteen months. That means most of my writing was assignments and the like. But it also meant I had a lot of ideas […]

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Novel #12

The next novel was something of a magnum opus. It took more than a year to write, then another year of rewriting before I was happy with it, finishing finally halfway through 2001. I pretty much worked only on this, with only a few short stories making appearances in this time. Mary clocks in at almost […]

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Novel #4

All right, now we are past the crap of initial works. So a few ground rules will apply from here on in. First, from now on novels are works of more than 40,000 words. While this is a little low in the general scheme of things, it is what I was told back in the […]

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