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Quick one! I forgot to post this when it first came out (I think) – a review of Long Pig, written by Arthur Sanchez, and in which he likes my story. It’s on the Whortleberry Press site, about here somewhere. A new book has been released, and it’s an interesting one. Short (very short), only […]

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Book Review – ‘Dying To Live’

Another month, another anthology. Dying To Live: Stories of the Undead (Diabolic Publications) is exactly what it says on the box – stories of the undead. The brief when I first saw it was simple – ‘Twilight’ is too pussy, let’s have real vampires. And thus this book came out. And, my God, is it […]

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Review: Six of the Best

This is going to sound terrible. If you read this, it seems like everything I read is wonderful or I only know how to write sycophantic reviews. Well, that’s not the case… Honestly. You see, I had the displeasure some years ago of attending a local wrestling ‘super-show’ and I wrote how bad it was […]

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A Couple Of Reviews (Long Pig, Australian Songs)

First up, a book. Long Pig is the latest Static Movement Press book I appear in, edited wonderfully well by Dorothy Davies. After some books I’ve read lately, it’s good to see an editor who knows her job. Anyway, as the title may give away, this is a book about cannibalism. Man, is it graphic. […]

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Happy 2013

It’s been a while.   Summer here in Australia with Christmas thrown in with two small children, a serious leg infection that left me very ill, and then a holiday to visit relatives in another state.   Also, I suffered from a bout of writer’s block that was as unpleasant as it was depressing.   […]

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Book Review

A link to a book review of Lucha Gore on the Inside Pulse site: I don’t want to double post the same thing, so head on over to IP and have a read. And for what it’s worth, it’s a really good book.

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Even though it’s from April, I was sent this by some one who likes my writing. It’s a review of Mythic Resonance, and they give my story a positive note. I’m a little chuffed. I think this is the first time I’ve been mentioned in a review.


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Book Review – Modern Pulp Heroes

Modern Pulp Heroes is an anthology from Pulp Empire/Metahuman Press, and, yes, I appear in it. Now, I try to be very honest when reviewing these books. If I like a story I say, but I will also say when I do not like stories (without naming said stories). Well, for maybe the second time […]

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Book Review – ’11/22/63′ by Stephen King

Before I begin, I should say Stephen King is one of my favourite authors. His short stories rank amongst the best I have read, and his novel Christine has been consistently in my favourite three books for the past twenty or more years. Having said that, I have been disappointed in many of his novels […]

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Blog RePost: Negative Reviews

Had to plonk this one here: So true, so true…

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