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Novel #9

Brooke was written quite quickly – I had an idea and it just came out onto the page. However, it was written in the middle of my writing the next novel – Brothers In Arms. This one I was really happy with. Clocking in at 78100 words, it was also the first novel to break […]

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Novel #8

We hit another (and not the last) glitch in the road after Invisible Friend. Brooke was written at the end of 1996, after almost a year of churning out cliché ridden fantasy short stories. Clocking in at 50000 words, it has a flawed premise, and poor writing. I think the only bits I like are the first meeting […]

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Novel #7

On the heels of Return came the first long story I actually shopped around – Our House. Written in a month at the end of 1995, clocking in at 62600 words, I was really proud of it. It garnered a total of 17 rejections, of which 13 were form rejections. One said in rather diplomatic […]

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Novel #6

After Invisible Friend, the next 6 long works were all novellas. Of these, only one bears discussion: Relick is a comedy novella (26000 words) about a group of archaeologists fighting the Catholic Church and the USA in preserving a holy relic – the poo of Jesus. A few little tweaks and I reckon I might just […]

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Novel #5

A few novellas appeared after Music Man, the best of which was The Great Aussie Sportsman, written in 1989, and about 30,100 words. Humour, about a violent Australian teenager who becomes the Hero to thousands. It still reads rather well, and I have tried to convert it to a screenplay, but have failed. Dismally. So, anyway, […]

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Novel #4

All right, now we are past the crap of initial works. So a few ground rules will apply from here on in. First, from now on novels are works of more than 40,000 words. While this is a little low in the general scheme of things, it is what I was told back in the […]

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Novel #3

The third story on this adventure, and the first one I was probably proud of. Into The Crystal clocks in at around 41000 words. It was started in 1987, and finished in 1988. And this one deserves some thanks. My English teacher at high school encouraged this to a huge degree, and without her badgering it […]

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