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Novel #21

This story taught me something – people are still offended by non-typical gender roles, especially homosexual couplings written by straight men. Skins clocks in at over 54000 words, and is a gross-out horror with some creepy psychological elements. A famous actor is accused of murder, but the body of the victim is not found. His […]

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Novel #20

Beneath The Desert Sands, clocking in at 41,000 words, was one of three long works I wrote or finished in 2009. It has never been submitted anywhere for publication, but I still like the work. This was written as a sort of homage to H.Rider Haggard’s She, one of my favourite books of all time. […]

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Novel #19

To Be King led, later on that year, to another Egyptian-themed novel. Sobek clocks in at almost 79000 words. It tells the story of Sobek, Egyptian crocodile-headed god, who comes to modern-day Australia in order to claim his son. Simple, really. We start in ancient Egypt, where we see a pharaoh crowned who was a priest […]

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Novel #18

To Be King took me over a year to write, on and off, and was finished in January of 2008, clocking in at around 83600 words. Like Of Lizards And Men, this one took a lot of research, and I have to say delving into the worlds of Australian Aboriginal language, megafauna extinction patterns, ancient […]

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Novel #16

So now we move onto the next novel. It took me working on it for most of 2005 until it was finally finished – Of Lizards And Men, clocking in at 66000 words. When I wrote this, I really liked it. I thought I had the science of the horror down well. I researched genetic […]

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Novel #15

So we come to 2004 and an odd novel called Hero To…?. Clocking in at around 82000 words, it turned out not as good as I would have liked, but serviceable. I started by writing a superhero story. I always wanted to do a story with some sort of superhero as the main character – turning that graphic […]

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Novel #14

After the not too good Power came the not too good vs. Yep, vs. Just like that. The title is relevent, though. This was from another idea formed during university study, and in fact I wrote the entire first section one day during a lecture for something. It ended up at 60600-odd words, finished a […]

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Novel #13

Two years passed. In this time I went back to university and managed to get a second degree, but it was a compacted degree, meaning we did three years of work in eighteen months. That means most of my writing was assignments and the like. But it also meant I had a lot of ideas […]

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Novel #11

The end of 1998 saw a 66300 word novel appear, Comeback. After Some Other People, it was something of a letdown at the time, but reading it nowadays, it isn’t that awful. As it was, I sent it to 2 publishers and an agent, but never heard from any of them. I think my biggest […]

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Novel #10

The next novel took a while to write. I really wanted to make it a good one after what I felt was the success of Brothers In Arms. And, indeed, the story that emerged in 1998 was one I am probably proudest of. Some Other People clocked in at 87200 words. Once I finished it, […]

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