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Novel #31

Okay, final one for now. Voyage Home is a young adult fantasy story that clocks in at about 70k words. In it, a young man and his girlfriend are transported to a world created and ruled by a witch. But because the young man has wounded her, her sister now has the opportunity to destroy […]

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Novel #30

Back to the novels! As you may or not be aware, I am currently studying professional writing at TAFE (sort of Australia’s version of vocational college). When I finish the course, I’ll write about it, but let’s just say it’s going to add another piece of paper to my resume. Anywho, I have one subject […]

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Novel #29

Yes, time for the next novel. This one is quite a departure for me. It has absolutely no spec fic themes at all. Whereas as even Relick, which was a comedy adventure yarn, had religious fantasy elements about it, this one is nothing of the sort. Spandex Dreams clocks in at 51000 words, and is […]

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Novel #28, pt 2

Okay, back to novel #28. It’s been finally rejected. Here’s a cut and paste from the email: “I don’t think in the current climate that it would be sellable. It’s mixture of Greek mythology, contemporary pop culture and humour would quite simply go over the heads of most readers.” Yadda, yadda, yadda. Having said that, […]

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Novel #28

Last one! (So far…) This will be it, getting me up-to-date with the novels/longer works. 28 of them, plus all the novellas (both mentioned and not mentioned). I guess that’s a lot for a few years of writing, even if most of them are crap. This story also marked the 4,000,000th word of completed work […]

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Novel #27

After Cult Of The Snake, I stayed with the young adult theme and wrote a 33000 word novella called Underground (It Started With A Kiss). Designed specifically for the YA market, it has been rejected twice so far (I could call this a ‘novel’, because YA novels tend to start at 30000 words, and I […]

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Novel #26

Almost there. Really. I’m really proud of the next story. I wrote it with a young adult audience in mind, and it has many dark undertones throughout its 88000 word length. Cult Of The Snake is a horror/urban fantasy story about a small group of university students out to stop a snake goddess/Naga queen from coming […]

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Novel #25

Almost there! After Year Of Change, it felt like I had a bit of a lull. But I had to write a novel for my TAFE course, so I went back to a story I had started a few years before (having written maybe a page and a half), and thus was born Bunyip. A […]

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Novel #24

We now come to the novel I am most proud of producing. At more than 170,000 words it is by far the longest thing I have ever written. And it was designed to be a sort of e-book. Every chapter is a new day, and it takes course over a year, so I even linked each […]

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Novel #22

Before the next novel, a novella pops up. (Yes, I know many have up till now been ignored, but bear with me.) Aftermath was started in 2003, and 6 and a half years later, at the end of 2009 I went back to it and it finished at a little over 31200 words. It is a […]

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