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Book review – ‘The Temporal Element’

Some more astute readers have noticed I haven’t posted too many book reviews as of late. There are many reasons for this, but what it boils down to is something has to really capture me for me to review it. That’s not to say they haven’t been good – in at least one case, I […]

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Book Review – ‘How Not To Write A Novel’

How Not To Write A Novel by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark (2008) is that rarity among writing books – a “how to” ( or in this case, how not to) that is genuinely entertaining, genuinely informative, and just plain genuine. I found the book in one of those odd ways that seems to only happen […]

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Book Review – ‘The Blue Roses Of Orroroo’

The Blue Roses Of Orroroo is a magnificent Australian book written by Margaret Visciglio. As a part of a website I write for, I have reviewed the book, and you can find the review here. In general, though, I recommend the book, and hope you enjoy it. It is not, unfortunately, available anywhere but the […]

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Book Review – ‘Bugs!’

Another anthology that I appear in and – damn! – if it isn’t a good one.   Now, first a word about anthologies. Most, especially in speculative fiction, have some sort of a theme. This theme can be all-encompassing, enabling people to write and fit almost anything in, or be very limited. One anthology I appeared […]

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Book Review – ‘Short Sips’

 Short Sips – Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection 2, edited by Jessica A. Weiss was the first book of flash fiction I have read. And, it must be said, I enjoyed it in the main. What I thought I’d do, therefore, was give my opinion on the stories out of the 99 in this book […]

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Book review

My latest post at Inside Pulse is a book review of a wrestling-related tome.   You can find it right here.   Enjoy!

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