Publishing Credits

Unlike the bookshop page, where you can actually buy things, this is the list of my publishing credits, which includes a bunch of works that are no longer available, and some that are yet to be made available.


Relick (Creative Print)


Book title, publisher, and the names of my works that appear in them.

A To Z Cities Of Death (Static Movement)
– Adelaide, City Of Churches
– Xanadu

Beyond The Grave (Static Movement Press)
– Doppelganger

Blood Trails (Emby Press)
– Scientific Method

Bugs! (Pill Hill Press)
– Spider Worship

Come To My Window (Song Story Press)
– Stay

Dragon Blood (Static Movement)
– Sacrifice To A Dragon

Dying To Live (Diabolic Publications)
– ‘Twilight’ Time

First Contact Imminent (Red Skies Press)
– Food For Thought

Goodnight Goodnight (Seaview Press)
– People Of The Earth

Grapple Annual No.1 (Grapple Publishing)
– Nostradamus The Misunderstood Prophet

Ho Ho Horror (Australian Literature Review)
– Xmas Secrets

I’ll Never Go Away (Rainstorm Press)
– The Model

Legends And Lore (Static Movement)
– Gardening Work
– Steel Horse

Long Pig (Static Movement)
– Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

Lucha Gore (Cruentus Libri Press)
– Wrestling Gators

Modern Pulp Heroes (Pulp Empire)
– Return Of The Blade

Mon Coeur Mort: My Dead Heart (Post Mortem Press)
– Lover’s Belief

The Monster Behind The Mask (Static Movement Press)
– The Critic

Mythic Resonance (Specusphere)
– Glorious Destiny

NEW Voices (Ginninderra Press)
– Ants (poem)
– Begging (poem)

Once Bitten Never Die (Wicked East Press)
– Carnal Knowledge

Pulpsploitation (Metahuman Press)
– Russian Roulette

Satan’s Toybox: Terrifying Teddies (Angelic Knight)
– Bobo

Scribing Ibis (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
– Power Of The Gods

Shades Of Sentience (
– Forever Young

Short Sips (Wicked East Press)
– Lazarus Rising

Shots Of Terror (Angelic Knight Press)
– Scrumpy Making In The West Country

Song Stories: Volume 1
– ‘Sugar Shack’

South East City Stories (Box Factory)
– Dead Silence
– The Box Factory

Tales Of Terror And Mayhem From Inside The Box (Evil Jester Press)
– Second Chance

The Temporal Element (Martinus Publishing)
– Extinction

Told You So (Pill Hill Press)
– Conspiracy Theory

Tough As Nails (Collaboration Of The Dead)
– The Seeker And The Dark One

The Trigger Reflex: Tales Of The Monster Hunter II (Pill Hill Press)
– Hunting Vengeance

The Undead That Saved Christmas (Rainstorm Press)
– Another Endless Night
– A Visit From Zombie Nicholas (poem)

Under The Knife (Cruentus Libri Press)
– Love Of His Life

Under The Stairs (Wicked East Press)
– Surprise Cocktail

Use Enough Gun: Tales Of The Monster Hunter III (Emby Press, formerly Pill Hill Press)
– One Less

War Is Hell (Cruentus Libri Press)
– Lament Of The Unknown Soldier


Magazines that have accepted my works.

Midnight Echo Vol.9
– From The Forebears

Positive Words, August 2011
– Resolution Cycle

The Speculative Edge, Issue 3, October 2012
– Doppelganger (reprint) (nominated for a Pushcart prize)
also reprinted again in:
The Best of 2012

SQ Magazine, Winter/Fall 2010/2011
– Rejection


These are anthologies that have accepted stories of mine, but are yet to be published.

Carnivorous (Static Movement)
– Shark-bait

Down The Rabbit Hole (Wicked East Press)
– Office Education


No Place Like Home (Angelic Knight)
– Continuation Of The Status Quo
(DUE: SEP 2013, still due)

Psycho Cinema (Pill Hill Press)
– Just A Movie?

Sins Of The Seven (Wicked East Press)
– Couldn’t Be Bothered

Sweet Dreams And Night Terrors (Static Movement)
– Land Of His Dreams

When All You Can Do Is Laugh (Static Movement)
– Snail

Last update February 11, 2014.

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