5 Favourite Characters

I recently looked over an online ‘course’ on “developing characters” designed to – to quote the sales pitch – “make your characters come alive and jump off the page into the reader’s reality.” Needless to say, for $US75 and a nebulous sort of outcome as well as vague promises of writing riches, I never went […]

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Christmas Greetings!

Brief greetings from the land of dangerous animals, dangerous weather and even more dangerous politicians.   Well, down here in Australia, another Christmas is almost over. As usual, I ate too much and did too little. Family time.   As some of you are aware, December 25 is also my birthday and I now move […]

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Novel #33

Okay, let’s get the bad stuff over with first: I forgot I even sent Gorgon With the Wind to a publisher who had a call for modern takes on classic stories. But I must have because I received a form rejection for it last week. Rejection Total: 176+1 = 177 Okay, now the next bit, […]

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When I started doing this I promised myself I wouldn’t go more than 2 weeks without posting something (barring going on holiday or the like). Well, maybe I was a little hasty in that. I have been very slack as of late as I plough my way through my latest attempt at a novel (now […]

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Book Review – ‘Dying To Live’

Another month, another anthology. Dying To Live: Stories of the Undead (Diabolic Publications) is exactly what it says on the box – stories of the undead. The brief when I first saw it was simple – ‘Twilight’ is too pussy, let’s have real vampires. And thus this book came out. And, my God, is it […]

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Death Threats? Seriously?

Wow! I received my second ever death threat! What’s this got to do with writing, you may ask? Well, quite a bit. My first death threat was about something personal and the police being the police in Adelaide came up with this astounding bit of advice: “We can only do something if they actually do […]

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Recognising (personal) stereotypes

 Stereotypes have a long history in arts. Certain characteristics are used to portray certain countries, races, religions or lifestyles. While there may have once been a grain of truth in them – shown by the fact that we actually recognise them for what they represent – they are generally avoided.   Well, I have come […]

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Even More Links

Some more links about writing that I’ve found intriguing! First is from Martin T. Ingham’s Three Cents Worth site. Write What You Like is a great explanation as to why trying to write that next great story that jumps on the same bandwagon as everyone else could be a waste of time. It’s full of […]

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I recently got back from a holiday to Kangaroo Island, and I have to say there is nothing like a holiday in a quiet place with fantastic scenery to get the mind back on track for writing. A couple of short stories finished, another started for an anthology, two longer works started. (One of these […]

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Oh, Editor, my Editor

I’ve recently been through an editing process with a new editor who I haven’t worked with before. Through a series of e-mail ‘conversations’ and communications, we turned my story into something that actually deserves to be in the anthology she is putting together. So let’s look at how we get to the point of actually […]

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