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New Work

Just finished another 40000 word work. I’ll revise it next week after I’ve forgotten most of it, and by then it could be time to post about it (as it will be novel #28). But the reason I type this is because I have just suffered from a severe case of writer’s vomit, which is […]

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Novel #26

Almost there. Really. I’m really proud of the next story. I wrote it with a young adult audience in mind, and it has many dark undertones throughout its 88000 word length. Cult Of The Snake is a horror/urban fantasy story about a small group of university students out to stop a snake goddess/Naga queen from coming […]

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Novel #25

Almost there! After Year Of Change, it felt like I had a bit of a lull. But I had to write a novel for my TAFE course, so I went back to a story I had started a few years before (having written maybe a page and a half), and thus was born Bunyip. A […]

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Relick is available at!   You can get the amazing paperback!   Or…  You can get the equally amazing Kindle version!

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Even though it’s from April, I was sent this by some one who likes my writing. It’s a review of Mythic Resonance, and they give my story a positive note. I’m a little chuffed. I think this is the first time I’ve been mentioned in a review.


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The Cover

Relick is due for release in early August, but meantime, here is the cover. Warning: The book has been described as offensive, abusive, obnoxious, puerile and all manner of other terms.  

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Novel #24

We now come to the novel I am most proud of producing. At more than 170,000 words it is by far the longest thing I have ever written. And it was designed to be a sort of e-book. Every chapter is a new day, and it takes course over a year, so I even linked each […]

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Book Review – Modern Pulp Heroes

Modern Pulp Heroes is an anthology from Pulp Empire/Metahuman Press, and, yes, I appear in it. Now, I try to be very honest when reviewing these books. If I like a story I say, but I will also say when I do not like stories (without naming said stories). Well, for maybe the second time […]

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