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Novel #23

Well, while we await the success or otherwise of Relick, let’s continue our journey through the rejections.   Next came a novella called Valentine’s Day, which is a thriller about a girl exacting revenge on those who had wronged her in love, while being tracked by her best friend whom she secretly loves, but who starts […]

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Quick News

On a slightly personal note – I have just signed a contract, so, barring anything else, my first book – a novella – is due to be published later on this year. 26000 words, called Relick. Highly offensive, highly politically incorrect, guaranteed to upset people. But it’s supposed to be comedy, so… you know. Anyway, […]

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Novel #22

Before the next novel, a novella pops up. (Yes, I know many have up till now been ignored, but bear with me.) Aftermath was started in 2003, and 6 and a half years later, at the end of 2009 I went back to it and it finished at a little over 31200 words. It is a […]

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Modern Pulp Heroes

Another day, another anthology. Modern Pulp Heroes from Pulp Empire is a not horror anthology. I invented a new character named ‘The Blade’ for this one, and it seems they would like another Blade tale. This one is the sort of origin tale. Next I am planning on writing an adventure of the Blade tale. […]

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Book Review – ’11/22/63′ by Stephen King

Before I begin, I should say Stephen King is one of my favourite authors. His short stories rank amongst the best I have read, and his novel Christine has been consistently in my favourite three books for the past twenty or more years. Having said that, I have been disappointed in many of his novels […]

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Novel #21

This story taught me something – people are still offended by non-typical gender roles, especially homosexual couplings written by straight men. Skins clocks in at over 54000 words, and is a gross-out horror with some creepy psychological elements. A famous actor is accused of murder, but the body of the victim is not found. His […]

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Blog repost – POD Publishing

For those interested, Print On Demand publishing has become something considered as potentially wonderful for many self-publishers, considering the hassles and low rewards of vanity publishing. Here’s a discussion of the 2 most popular at the moment, but I’d really like to know if anyone can steer me in the direction of an Australian one. […]

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Blog RePost: Negative Reviews

Had to plonk this one here: So true, so true…

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Novel #20

Beneath The Desert Sands, clocking in at 41,000 words, was one of three long works I wrote or finished in 2009. It has never been submitted anywhere for publication, but I still like the work. This was written as a sort of homage to H.Rider Haggard’s She, one of my favourite books of all time. […]

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