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Book Review – ‘I’ll Never Go Away’

I’ll Never Go Away is an anthology of basically stalker fiction from Rainstorm Press, editted by Lyle Perez-Tinics.   Unfortunately, because of the theme of the anthology, this is a book where not many of the surprises were that surprising. While the majority of the stories were well-written, after a while a few became rather […]

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Novel #19

To Be King led, later on that year, to another Egyptian-themed novel. Sobek clocks in at almost 79000 words. It tells the story of Sobek, Egyptian crocodile-headed god, who comes to modern-day Australia in order to claim his son. Simple, really. We start in ancient Egypt, where we see a pharaoh crowned who was a priest […]

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Book Review – ‘Bugs!’

Another anthology that I appear in and – damn! – if it isn’t a good one.   Now, first a word about anthologies. Most, especially in speculative fiction, have some sort of a theme. This theme can be all-encompassing, enabling people to write and fit almost anything in, or be very limited. One anthology I appeared […]

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RePost – When Publishing Goes Wrong

For any aspiring authors out there, this may be a suitable cautionary tale: I have had one dealing with the person referred to (I believe… at least, it was one of his presses), and was so definitively rejected I laughed. He said he never wanted to see any of my work ever again. After […]

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Book Review – ‘Short Sips’

 Short Sips – Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection 2, edited by Jessica A. Weiss was the first book of flash fiction I have read. And, it must be said, I enjoyed it in the main. What I thought I’d do, therefore, was give my opinion on the stories out of the 99 in this book […]

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Novel #18

To Be King took me over a year to write, on and off, and was finished in January of 2008, clocking in at around 83600 words. Like Of Lizards And Men, this one took a lot of research, and I have to say delving into the worlds of Australian Aboriginal language, megafauna extinction patterns, ancient […]

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Novel #17

Novel number 17 was a diversion for me. A serious one. But, first, a bunch of novellas were written in the interim. One – Second Home – clocked in at only 16000 words, but this was long enough for a younger reader book, which is good, because it was written with 11-13 year olds in […]

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Novel #16

So now we move onto the next novel. It took me working on it for most of 2005 until it was finally finished – Of Lizards And Men, clocking in at 66000 words. When I wrote this, I really liked it. I thought I had the science of the horror down well. I researched genetic […]

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Novel #15

So we come to 2004 and an odd novel called Hero To…?. Clocking in at around 82000 words, it turned out not as good as I would have liked, but serviceable. I started by writing a superhero story. I always wanted to do a story with some sort of superhero as the main character – turning that graphic […]

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Website post

My latest post at Inside Pulse looks at professional wrestling through one of  the basics of writing – Goal, Motivation, Conflict. Yes, I am applying some sort of logic and literacy to professional wrestling. Live with it.   Here’s the link:   I think I did an okay job…

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