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Novel #10

The next novel took a while to write. I really wanted to make it a good one after what I felt was the success of Brothers In Arms. And, indeed, the story that emerged in 1998 was one I am probably proudest of. Some Other People clocked in at 87200 words. Once I finished it, […]

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Novel #9

Brooke was written quite quickly – I had an idea and it just came out onto the page. However, it was written in the middle of my writing the next novel – Brothers In Arms. This one I was really happy with. Clocking in at 78100 words, it was also the first novel to break […]

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Guest Blog

Recently Sue Bursztynski – a really good author whose work you should seek and check out – asked me to write a guest column for her blog, as we both appeared in the book Mythic Resonance. While I think I made a bit of an ass of myself, here it is, warts and all. […]

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Novel #8

We hit another (and not the last) glitch in the road after Invisible Friend. Brooke was written at the end of 1996, after almost a year of churning out cliché ridden fantasy short stories. Clocking in at 50000 words, it has a flawed premise, and poor writing. I think the only bits I like are the first meeting […]

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Novel #7

On the heels of Return came the first long story I actually shopped around – Our House. Written in a month at the end of 1995, clocking in at 62600 words, I was really proud of it. It garnered a total of 17 rejections, of which 13 were form rejections. One said in rather diplomatic […]

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Novel #6

After Invisible Friend, the next 6 long works were all novellas. Of these, only one bears discussion: Relick is a comedy novella (26000 words) about a group of archaeologists fighting the Catholic Church and the USA in preserving a holy relic – the poo of Jesus. A few little tweaks and I reckon I might just […]

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Web post

Another wrestling-related post, this as a part of my regular column:  

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Web post

Review of a professional wrestling show.

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Novel #5

A few novellas appeared after Music Man, the best of which was The Great Aussie Sportsman, written in 1989, and about 30,100 words. Humour, about a violent Australian teenager who becomes the Hero to thousands. It still reads rather well, and I have tried to convert it to a screenplay, but have failed. Dismally. So, anyway, […]

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Novel #4

All right, now we are past the crap of initial works. So a few ground rules will apply from here on in. First, from now on novels are works of more than 40,000 words. While this is a little low in the general scheme of things, it is what I was told back in the […]

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